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ADA Information

Chase Field proudly attracts millions of people each year, contributing significantly to the economic revitalization of the downtown Phoenix area. This success is largely due to our commitment to excellence in every aspect of our operations, including providing an enjoyable experience to guests with disabilities. We continue to examine new policies and research innovative procedures in an effort to enable people of all abilities enjoy the Chase Field experience to the fullest. Much of the credit for the accessibility of Chase Field belongs to the Access Committee, an independent committee of volunteers and employees, who provide recommendations to venue managers on a variety of accessibility efforts.

  • Getting to Chase Field

    The ballpark is located in downtown Phoenix at 401 East Jefferson Street.

  • PAL

    The Arizona Diamondbacks and PAL Experiences have teamed up to create an interactive program that makes attending a D-backs home game more predictable, approachable and enjoyable for fans who struggle with communication, transition and/or anxiety issues. The D-backs are dedicated to ensuring that every fan has a fantastic time while attending a game, and we hope that this program will better assist in making it a great experience and more accessible for fans with intellectual and development disabilities.

    Watch the Arizona Diamondbacks PAL video for an interactive experience of the game.

    View and download the Arizona Diamondbacks PAL Guide to assist with navigating and non-verbal communication to a game.

  • Accessible Parking

    Chase Field features an attached 1,500-car garage just south of the ballpark on 4th Street. The garage has 31 parking spaces designated for vehicles displaying a valid disabled plate or placard. Each garage entrance is accessible to high-profile vehicles and the parking is connected to accessible routes to the ticket windows and building entrances.

    All parking, including accessible parking, is on a first-come/first-serve basis. Depending on demand, some parking garages can only accept special parking passes.

    For your convenience, if the accessible parking in the Chase Field or Jefferson Street garage is full, a sign such as shown below will be posted on the parking garage booth and outside before you enter the garage. This is for your convenience so you can easily determine if you need to seek out another garage.

  • Drop-Off Lot

    The designated drop-off point for all guests is located on the south side of Jefferson Street, just west of 7th Street. This is at the northeast corner of Chase Field near Gate K. The Drop Off is staffed and there are shaded benches available for guests who need to wait for a companion to pick them up.

    Bus Stops and Light Rail Stations - All are on accessible routes to and from the ballpark.

  • Accessing Chase Field

    All Chase Field entrances are located on accessible routes and are on the main concourse level, with accessible turnstiles located at Gates A, C, E North, J, K and Level 3 of the Chase Field Garage (for Suites and 200 level tickets). Once inside the concourse, you will find it very easy to get anywhere in the building via large elevators and escalators. In addition, the ballpark has a wide ramp located near Gate J that services all levels.

    Guest Relations Representatives are located at all gates to assist any guests requiring a wheelchair escort to and from their seats. Guests wishing to check in their own walkers, wheelchairs, scooters or other mobility aids during the game may do so at the Guest Relations Centers located across from Sections 128 on the main concourse and 322 on the upper concourse.

  • Building Features

    The ballpark was designed with flexibility and intimacy in mind and many areas accommodate multiple uses. Throughout the facility, accessibility is a key feature:

    • The Main Will Call is located outside Gate E on the west side of the ballpark where the main ticket windows are located. All of the windows are at accessible heights with Window 2 designated for Accessible Ticket Sales. There are alternate ticket windows at the NE corner of the ballpark by Gate K and near the Accessible Drop Off. You may pick up Will Call tickets at this alternate location if you request that service from the Ticket Sales Office.
    • All public seating and service areas are located on accessible routes.
    • Private luxury suites and party suites feature space for a guest in a wheelchair in the seating area and a private, accessible restroom. Each Suite offers a set of removable seats that can easily be removed (ask your Suite Attendant) to provide additional space for a wheelchair/scooter user to sit near their companions.
    • Accessible stalls and sinks are located in each public restroom.
    • Companion/Family restrooms are located on each level. These large, private restrooms allow you to attend to your personal needs with assistance from someone of either gender. They also serve as family restrooms for parents attending to their children's needs though all public restrooms also provide diaper changing tables. The Companion/Family Restrooms are located:
      • Main Concourse: Near Sections 109 and 135
      • Suite Level: Near Suite 55
      • Upper Concourse: Near Sections 306 and 331
    • High and low drinking fountains have been installed throughout the ballpark to accommodate guests in wheelchairs and guests with other mobility disabilities.
    • Transaction and service counters are a maximum of 36" high with condiment counters a maximum of 34" high. If assistance is needed, staff are also nearby to assist with condiments.
    • All public pay phones are fully accessible with at least one public pay phone featuring a TDD/TTY near the First Aid Station behind Section 105.
    • Upper concourse wheelchair sections have electrical outlets available for charging wheelchair batteries or operating necessary medical equipment.
  • Seating

    Opening in 1998, Chase Field's accessible seating is integrated throughout the ballpark, meeting and exceeding the requirements for wheelchair locations and companion seats. These seating sections feature maximum flexibility by using removable tandems of stadium chairs that can be operated by any Guest Services Representative (the usher stationed in your section). When needed, folding chairs will be provided for guests. All seating price ranges have accessible seating available, including the Dugout Box seating. There are also Limited Mobility seats available for guests who have difficulty with stairs but do not use a wheelchair or mobility devise.

    Line of sight: All accessible seating is either front row or provides line of sight to the playing field and scoreboard over standing patrons. Access to front row seating is via elevators and ramps with a travel distance comparable to other front row seating for ambulatory spectators.

  • Purchasing Tickets

    Accessible seating tickets to Chase Field events are available through the ticket office. When purchasing tickets for accessible seating areas, please inform your ticket seller of any special accommodation you may require, such as companion seating, use of a service animal, etc. As with most events, the earlier you call, the better your chances of obtaining the best seat for your needs.

    The following ticketing policies have been established by the Arizona Diamondbacks with the assistance of the Access Committee to ensure that the maximum number of accessible seats is available:

    • Season Tickets: Call the Diamondbacks Season Ticket Office for current availability at 602-462-4600. For those requesting season tickets in accessible seating areas, Chase Field requires that the individual purchasing the tickets to attest in writing that the accessible seating is for a person who has a mobility disability or a disability that requires the use of accessible features.
    • Single-Game Tickets: The Chase Field Ticket Windows are located on the main plaza at the southwest corner of the facility. All ticket window counters are at a height of 36" for wheelchair accessibility with Window 2 designated for Accessible Ticket Sales. Single-game tickets are also available by phone at 602-514-8400 (TDD) 602-462-4180.
    • Accessible Seating Klub: The ASK program is for guests who require seating in wheelchair sections. For more information about ASK, contact the Disability Services Manager at 602-462-6163.
    • Any ticket limits enforced for the general public will be in effect for accessible seating as well.
    • Once the ticket limit has been reached, additional tickets may be available by calling the day of the game.
    • A minimum of one and maximum of three adjacent companion seat(s) may be purchased for each wheelchair accessible seat) purchased. Additional seats, up to the advertised ticket limit, will try to be found in close proximity.
    • On the day of the game, any remaining accessible seats may be released for general sale.
    • Ticket holders requiring accessible seating but not holding tickets for accessible sections may be accommodated through Guest Relations (based on available seats, first come, first served). For faster service, call in advance: 602-462-6607 (TDD) 602-462-4180.
    • Guests holding tickets for accessible seating who wish to give those tickets to someone who does not require accessible seating should contact Guest Relations for possible seat relocation.

    The above policies are in effect for other events that may be hosted at the facility. Certain changes may be made, based on the event's requirements. Please call the ticket office for additional information.

  • Accessibility Aids and Service

    For Guests Who Are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

    • Guest Relations has a limited supply of FM assisted listening receivers that amplify the public address system and are available for check-out.
    • AM/FM radio signal amplifier for improved reception of games on AM 620 or FM 92.3. Guest Relations has a limited number of radios on hand or you may bring your own.
    • Captioning is also provided on the large dbTV in centerfield. When choosing seats, consider ones that face the dbTV so you have a better view of the captioning provided in the top right corner of the screen.

    For Guests with Service Dogs

    • Service dogs and service dogs-in-training are welcome at Chase Field. The service dog must be required because of the attending guests disability and be trained to work or perform a task related to that.
    • Service dogs must be harnessed, leashed or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service dog's work or the guests' disability prevents these devices. In that case, the guest must maintain control of the dog through voice, signal or other effective controls.
    • Service dogs much be under the control of their handler and be housebroken.
    • The grassy area located outside Chase Field's Gate K (northeast entry) has been designated as the animal relief area.

    For Guests Who Are Vision Impaired

    • Braille and tactile signs are located throughout the facility.
    • AM/FM radio signal amplifier for improved reception of games on radio channels AM 620 or FM 92.3. Guest Relations has a limited number of radios on hand or you may bring your own.

    Wheelchair Escorts

    • For guests who may have difficulty walking to their seats, Guest Relations provides complimentary wheelchair escorts from gates or drop off areas to the seats. There is no need to pre-schedule this service. You may request a wheelchair escort from any Security or other Chase Field staff when arriving on the ballpark property.
    • This service is also available when the guest wishes to leave the ballpark. Request your wheelchair escort from your Guest Services Representative (usher) assigned to your section.
    • During events, wheelchairs, walkers, scooters or other assistive devices may be stored in Guest Relations.

    Elevator Locations

    • Across from Sections 104 / 300 - closest to Gate K
    • Across from Sections 116 / 208 / 309 - closest to Gate J (priority given to our guests with disabilities)
    • Across from Sections 127 / 211 / 321 - closest to Gate E (priority given to our guests with disabilities)
    • Across from Sections 140 / 223 / 332 - closest to Gate A

    Guest Relations

    During every event, Guest Relations' desks are located on the main concourse across from Section 128 and on the upper concourse across from Section 322. They are available to:

    • give directions
    • resolve ticket issues
    • store strollers and mobility aids
    • assist guests with disabilities to their seats
    • check out FM assistive listening receivers or personal radios and headphones.

    First Aid

    • Medical staff is on-site for every event. If you need assistance, please direct the request to any Chase Field employee.
    • First Aid centers are located across from Sections 104 and 300.

    We are certain you will enjoy your experience at Chase Field. If we did not meet your expectations, it is likely we did not meet ours either. Please let us know your comments, positive or negative, so that we may continue to improve our level of service. You can complete a comment form at any of the Guest Relations locations, call the Disability Services Manager at 602-462-6163, or send an e-mail to

  • Questions

    For questions, please contact:

    • Disability Services Manager / ADA Coordinator at:
      • Email:
      • Phone: 602-462-6163
      • VideoPhone: 623-208-7722
      • (TDD) 602-462-3189
    • Guest Relations: 602-462-6607