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Staying Ahead of Head Trauma

Recent Discoveries Reveal the Dangers of Concussion and, Possibly, Better Treatments



Red Sox knuckleballer Steven Wright



Concussions in the sports world are mainly associated with football, and rightly so. Traumatic head injuries are a regular occurrence in the NFL. But football isn't the only sport that poses such a threat.

Traumatic brain injuries are less common in Major League Baseball but nonetheless, the health risks of concussions are the same in baseball as they are in the NFL.

Knuckleballer Steven Wright learned this the hard way when he was struck in the back of the neck by a ball during a mid-August practice. A concussion landed Wright on MLB's disabled list for a league-imposed minimum of seven days. He's been lying low ever since.

Wright's mandated break is important for recovery after a concussion, says Dr. Kun Ping Lu, Director of Translational Therapies in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center's Department of Medicine.

"The first step is to rest," Lu explains. "It is crucial to stop playing in order to avoid more damage. Most people who sustain a concussion should limit their physical activity for a period of time depending on the severity of the injury, allowing the body to…

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