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Ground Rules

The following are the ground rules for Wrigley Field.

  • Baseball hits top or face of screen in front of bleacher wall and bounces back on playing field -- In Play
  • Baseball hits top of screen and drops between screen and wall -- Home Run
  • Baseball hits screen and bounces into bleachers -- Home Run
  • Baseball sticks in screen in front of bleachers -- Double
  • Baseball sticks in vines on bleacher wall -- Double
  • Baseball comes out of vines -- In Play
  • Baseball hits leftfield or rightfield foul markers above painted mark -- Home Run
  • Baseball hits foul markers below painted mark and bounces back on playing field -- In Play
  • Baseball goes under grates in leftfield or rightfield and remains there -- Double
  • Baseball goes in or under grates on either side of home plate and remains there:
    • Pitched Ball- One Base
    • Thrown Ball - Two Bases
  • Also: Players cannot enter the dugout steps at Wrigley Field to catch any foul pop fly.