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Redsfest - Dec. 5-6 - Player Photographs

Joey and Jay with Fans
Player Photographs

The photograph sessions will be open for 50 minutes each. As many fans that can get through the line at that time are allowed a photograph. Photograph booth #2 and #3 are both free and require you to bring your own camera. Photograph booth #4 is free to Reds Season Ticket Holders. Photograph booth #1 takes the photo for you and provides a print out on the spot for a $10 donation to the Reds Community Fund. You are not able to use your own camera at Photograph booth #1.

Zach Cozart posing for a photo with Reds fans
Zach Cozart posing for a photo with Reds fans

For a look at all the FAQ about Redsfest, please click here.

See you in 2015

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