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FANtastic 10

Sponsored by Coors Light, the new FANtastic 10 ticket package for 2014 features the following:

  • Your choice of 10 games from select Tuesday and Wednesday Rockies home games
  • Your choice of seating locations in the Outfield Box on both the right field and left field sides, as well as the Rightfield Mezzanine
  • Tickets need not be purchased in pairs. Purchasing one package is equivalent to one ticket for 10 games.
  • Your choice of a half-price beer from the MillerCoors family of brands for each ticket and each game in the package

Sold Out for the 2014 Season

Other Notifications:

  • All purchases of the FANtastic 10 must be done online, with applicable fees. Questions/assistance, call (303) ROCKIES.
  • Seating availability is subject to demand, so there is no guarantee you will be able to secure the same seats for each of the 10 games in your package. Additionally, there is no guarantee you will be able to secure the same seats in future seasons.
  • Half-price beer tickets will be issued separately from the game tickets and will be available for pick-up with signature by the account holder at Coors Field Will Call.
  • Half-price beer tickets may be used on any Tuesday or Wednesday game throughout the season, except the STL 6/23-25 and CHC 8/5-7 series, at the following locations: Micro Carts at sections 114 and 127, Sausage Cart at 149.
  • Any questions about this FANtastic 10 ticket package may be directed to (303) ROCKIES or via email at

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: When and how will I find out about the on-sale of FANtastic 10 for 2014?
A: If you are a 2013 Ladies Fan Club or Guys Night Out ticket holder, make sure the Rockies have your current email address by emailing or calling (303) ROCKIES. In addition, make sure Rockies emails will not be blocked by your computer's spam email settings. Then, look for an email and/or postcard in November with your on-sale date of December 12, 2013, with further information via email in early December just prior to the on-sale. Only current fan club members will be given this early on-sale opportunity. FANtastic 10 will be opened up to the general public in January 2014. For future seasons, current FANtastic 10 package holders will be given first opportunity to renew their packages before the general public.
Q: How will the purchase process work for 2013 fan club members?
A: In early December (prior to the December 12 on sale), you will be emailed instructions along with a purchase link which will require you to login in order to gain exclusive access. Since you will be required to login to your account, it is highly recommended you do so prior to the December 12 on-sale. You can login now by clicking on this link, using your email address we have on file. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot Your Password?" or call (303) ROCKIES.
    The purchase process will be as follows:
  1. You will select your seating preference between Outfield Box 110-115 (right field side), Outfield Box 146-150 (left field side) or Right Field Mezzanine, from which best available seating will be automatically selected.
  2. You will choose 10 games from the 21 available Tuesday and Wednesday home games (the STL 6/23-25 and CHC 8/5-7 series are not included).
  3. You will designate the number of packages you wish to purchase for these 10 games (this is the number of seats you want for each of the 10 games).
  4. Please be aware that there will be a $10 online fee per package, with a cap of $20.
If you do not have a computer or are unable to process your order online, simply call (303) ROCKIES during your designated time on December 12, 2013, and a representative will be happy to walk through the process with you. (online fees still apply)
Q: What if I have a large group of people who want to sit together?
A: The best way to ensure you are sitting together is to purchase all seats under one account with one credit card. However, if your group is more than 10 packages (10 tickets for each of the 10 games), it is recommended that you call (303) ROCKIES prior to the December 12, 2013 on-sale date to get on a "Group List." (online fees apply)
Q: If we purchased as a group in the past, but we wish to all pay and get seated separately next season, can I transfer or forward the on-sale information to them?
A: In order to ensure each individual will be granted exclusive access with individual logins for the December 12, 2013 on-sale date, you must contact (303) ROCKIES with these individual contact names by December 3, 2013, so separate accounts can be established. (The email links cannot be forwarded to others; each individual will be required to login using the email we have on file.)
Q: What if I require accessible seating, an aisle seat, high rows, etc.?
A: Rockies customer service representatives are available to handle seating for any accessible/disabled seating requests. Simply call (303) ROCKIES prior to December 12, 2013 for assistance/instructions.
Q: Can I increase or decrease the number of tickets I'm purchasing, as compared to what I purchased as a fan club member?
A: Yes.
Q: Can I purchase a different number of tickets for each of the 10 games in the package? (i.e. 2 tickets for this Tuesday, 4 tickets for another Tuesday, 2 tickets for this Wednesday, etc.)
A: No. You must purchase the same number of tickets for each of the 10 games in the package. You may purchase a separate package of 10 games if you would like to accommodate that desire.
Q: What if I want my same fan club seats for this new package?
A: The same-seat guarantee is reserved exclusively for Rockies Season Ticket Holders, who purchase 81 games each season. The same-seat benefit for the fan clubs was going to be removed in order to protect the integrity of the Season Ticket benefit, so the FANtastic 10 package was created to add flexibility in game choice, seating on both the left and right field sides and a much-improved beer amenity. The FANtastic 10 package will be seated on a best available basis, and with the addition of the left field side of the Outfield Box, you may even improve your seat location for some games.
Q: Why do we get half-price beers rather than a free beer like in the past?
A: In the past, fan club members only received one free beer for every two tickets, and the beer was a 16-ounce size that could only be a Coors or Coors Light at a specified kiosk, on a specific date. In order to make the beer offer more flexible and valuable, FANtastic 10 allows for a half-price beer for EVERY ticket in the package, and it can be chosen from a much more extensive list of beers in the MillerCoors family of brands, it can be any size you choose and available at several more designated locations; PLUS each ticket is redeemable on ANY Tuesday or Wednesday game (except for the STL 6/23-25 and CHC 8/5-7 series) throughout the 2014 season.
Q: How do I get the half-price beer tickets?
A: You will be eligible for the same number of half-price beer tickets as you have tickets in the package; so if you purchase two packages, you will receive two game tickets for each of the 10 games you have chosen and, subsequently, two half-price beer tickets for each of the 10 games. The half-price beer tickets are good for every Tuesday and Wednesday game throughout the 2014 season (except for the STL 6/23-25 and CHC 8/5-7 series). The account holder on the account may pick up the half-price beer tickets at Coors Field Will Call. Will Call is located at the Coors Field Main Ticket Office, near the Gate D Home Plate entrance at 20th & Blake Street. Only the account holder may pick up the tickets with a photo ID. If you need to change the pick-up name, call (303) ROCKIES or email to make arrangements. At the Will Call window, the account holder (or designated signee) will be required to sign a release form agreeing to the fact that no replacement half-price beer tickets will be issued in any case, including if the tickets are lost or stolen.
Q: How do I redeem the half-price beer tickets?
A: Half-price beer tickets may be redeemed on any Tuesday or Wednesday game date throughout the season (except for the STL 6/23-25 and CHC 8/5-7 series) at the Micro Carts at sections 114 and 127 as well as the Sausage Cart at section 149 for any of the designated MillerCoors family of brands. Check for these locations and brands (this information will be available closer to Opening Day).
Q: When will my FANtastic 10 tickets be available?
A: We expect FANtastic 10 tickets to be available to be mailed or picked up at Will Call starting sometime in February. We will be notifying fans via email when the tickets are available or will be mailed out. Please keep in mind the beer coupons will need to be picked up at Will Call and cannot be mailed. The beer coupons will be available at the same time the tickets are available in February.
Q: If I have issues, questions or concerns, where can I go to get answers?
A: Call (303) ROCKIES or email; representatives will be happy to assist you. The dedicated web page also contains information that will be helpful; go to, or go to, then click on the TICKETS tab, and then click on Ticket Specials to find the FANtastic 10 option.
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