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Fantasy Camp Cost: $3,650 ($3,700 if deposit is made online)

Airfare is no longer available for purchase through the Tigers for 2016 Fantasy Camps

Optional credits and charges:

Airfare: If the Fantasy Camper does not require flight arrangements, a $200 credit will be issued.

Private Room: If you would like a private room, a $400 charge will be added upon the base charge.

Guest Package: If the guest package is selected by the Fantasy Camper to accommodate a spouse or friend, an additional charge of $1,600 will be added upon the base charge at the time of RSVP.

*Plus Florida Sales Tax ** Deposit non-refundable after 11/1/15. $500 deposit required for each non-playing guest.

For additional information, please contact Jerry Lewis at (313) 471-2550.