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Jake Peavy baffled the Giants, striking out six and allowing just three hits. (Getty Images)
Team PADRES 7, GIANTS 0 Team
All goes right for Peavy, Padres on Opening Day
Jake Peavy allowed just three hits in six scoreless innings to capture his second straight Opening Day victory against the Giants. Cleanup hitter Adrian Gonzalez drove in the Padres' first run, and Josh Bard had four hits and scored twice.  Wrap >
1. 2B Marcus Giles
2. RF Brian Giles
3. 1B Adrian Gonzalez
4. C Josh Bard
5. CF Mike Cameron
6. SS Khalil Greene
7. 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff
8. LF Terrmel Sledge
9. SP Jake Peavy
1. CF Dave Roberts
2. SS Omar Vizquel
3. LF Barry Bonds
4. 2B Ray Durham
5. 1B Rich Aurilia
6. 3B Pedro Feliz
7. C Bengie Molina
8. RF Randy Winn
9. P Barry Zito
Jake Peavy Peavy fans six
Starter Jake Peavy began the new season on the right foot, striking out six Giants en route to the Opening Day victory.   400K
• Bard laces four hits:  400K
• Gonzalez's RBI single 
• Cameron on end of camp:  350K
• Backstop Bard on working with pitchers:  350K
• Blum discusses his versatility:  350K
• Young on preparation:  350K