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Welcome to Million Dollar Pick 'Em. Please familiarize yourself with the game play information below. If you have any questions on how to play please E-mail us at

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. See Official Rules, which govern, for complete details.


After arriving on the Million Dollar Pick 'Em Picks Page and logging in using your account, you can immediately begin making your selections for the games within the available open "Pick Date." What exactly constitutes a Pick Date? For the purposes of this game, the Pick Dates will consist of all MLB games slated to be played on every Tuesday and Friday during the 2012 MLB Regular Season.

All picks must be submitted no later than five (5) minutes prior to the start time of the first game for the current open Pick Date, known as the "Lock Time." Your combined correct picks for both Tuesday and Friday Pick Dates during a given week will be used to calculate your overall score for that "Pick Week." Your overall score for a given Pick Week is what will be used to determine the winner of the Weekly Prize and Grand Prize (if applicable).

You don't have to submit picks for each Pick Date, but it will greatly help your weekly overall score to do so, and in turn, compete to win the Weekly Prize. If you do not submit picks for each Pick Date, you will not be eligible for the Grand Prize.


Now that you know when you will be making you picks, selecting them is the easy part!

For the current open Pick Date, simply select the team you think will win each matchup by clicking on the appropriate button. Million Dollar Pick 'Em will provide current team records, probable pitching matchups and fan selection percentages for each matchup. However, this information is only to be used as a reference and may change prior the game being played. Ultimately it is up to you - the user - to determine who will win each matchup and the information provided by Million Dollar Pick 'Em should not be the sole factor in your decision.

In addition, on each Friday, you must fill out the Tiebreaker information for the game listed below the matchup buttons. The Tiebreaker game will be the same for all Million Dollar Pick 'Em participants and will be used to break any ties amongst the top scorers for the Weekly Prize.

When you have selected all picks and filled out the tiebreaker, all that's left to do is enter the validation key where prompted and click the "Submit" button.

Upon successful submission of your picks you will see messaging confirming that your picks have been saved.


After submitting your picks for an open Pick Date, you will have the ability to update your selections at any time prior to the Lock Time for said Pick Date.

For example, if you made your original pick selections on Wednesday morning for a Friday open Pick Date with a lock time of 7:00 PM ET, you may update your original selections at any point until 6:59:59 PM ET on the Friday of the applicable open Pick Date.

You can update your picks by simply logging back on to Million Dollar Pick 'Em and adjusting your pick selections as you'd like and clicking "Submit" once again.

Please be aware that the Lock Time may change for any open Pick Date in the event any MLB game be added or removed from that day's schedule after the Pick Date is open for selections. It is the responsibility of the user to be aware of any schedule changes made to an open Pick Date that may affect the Lock Time for that date.

Once the Lock Time has passed for a given Pick Date, no further changes/updates can be made to your previously selected picks and your score for that Pick Date will reflect that of your most recent selections prior to Lock Time.

Postponed/Rescheduled Games

If a game is postponed, cancelled or suspended during a Locked Pick Date, that game will not count towards your overall weekly score.

According to the Million Dollar Pick 'Em Official Rules, at least 28 Official MLB Games must be completed for a Pick Week to qualify as "Grand Prize eligible." If less than 28 Official MLB Games are completed in a given Pick Week (due to Postponed/Rescheduled games) then no Grand Prize will be awarded for the applicable Pick Week. However, the Weekly Prize will still be awarded based on the rules governing Weekly Prizes. See Official Rules for complete details.


If a Double-header has been added to a Pick Date at any time prior to five (5) minutes prior to its scheduled Lock Time, both games of the Double-header will be added to its schedule and both games must be selected in order to submit your picks for that Pick Date once open. No games will be added to the Pick Date schedule after five (5) minutes prior to its Lock Time.

In the event that a team you have currently selected within an open Pick Date is scheduled to play in a double-header which was scheduled after the Lock Time for the applicable Pick Date, your selected pick will automatically apply to the first game of the double-header. Given that pitching matchups and start times may change as a result of this unforeseen schedule change, it is the responsibility of the user to be aware of any schedule changes and adjust their selected picks accordingly if they desire to do so based on any possible changes.

See Official Rules for complete details regarding double-headers.


Within the Leaderboard current scoring results for an open Pick Week are listed for yourself and all Million Dollar Pick 'Em participants. The leaderboard will display each Pick Date score during a given Pick Week, as well as the overall score for each Pick Week. The overall score is the combination of both Pick Date scores within a given Pick Week. The overall score will be used to determine the Weekly Prize and Grand Prize (if applicable). Should a tie exist for the overall weekly leader, Tiebreakers will be used to determine prize winners. See Official Rules for complete details regarding Tiebreakers.

You can also Facebook Connect to view the scoring results for your friends currently playing Million Dollar Pick 'Em. However, your ranking among your Facebook friends has no bearing on the overall leaderboard or the games prizes.

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Good luck!

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