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Inductees by position
First Base 21
Second Base 20
Shortstop 24
Third Base 16
Left Field 21
Center Field 23
Right Field 24
Catcher 16
Designated Hitter 1
Pitcher 74
Pioneers/Executives 33
Managers 20
Umpires 10
Inductees by year
Inductees by position
First-year electees
Voting percentages
Eligibility & committee members

This Day in Baseball History:
October 30, 1999 > Longtime baseball jester Max Patkin dies of an aneurysm at the age of 79. Dubbed the "Clown Price of Baseball," Patkin entertained minor league crowds for over 50 years with his unusual facial gyrations and off-beat stunts. He also appeared as himself in the 1988 hit movie, Bull Durham.