PEORIA, Ariz. -- There are pitchers in the Padres camp who can't get enough innings at this point. Two innings can easily be three. A little more work never hurt anyone, right?

Not Chris Young, the Padres projected No. 2 starter. Young knows better, or, better still, his body knows better than to tempt fate and push on just for the sake of squeezing in a little extra work.

"It's a process ... you don't jump out and go from one inning to seven," Young said on Friday, after allowing two runs in three innings against the Chicago White Sox.

"It's a gradual thing where you pace yourself, build up arm strength, repetition. I threw more pitches today than I did last time. I know that tomorrow I'll be sore because of it."

Young's fourth start of the spring saw him allow a home run to Paul Konerko with two walks, including one to opposing pitcher, Gavin Floyd. After four starts, Young's ERA stands at 6.75, though that's not anything by which he gauges his progress.

Really, it's about building arm strength and getting ready for his start on April 7 against the Dodgers at PETCO Park. He's in no hurry to get there.

"I'm getting there," Young said. "My fastball command has been decent. I don't think I'll have the life I will have once the season starts. The offspeed pitches aren't as sharp as I want them to be but there's still time."

That means taking it slow and not being greedy by pushing or exceeding his pitch count.

"Your body is a little tired," he said. "It's just soreness in the shoulder and a little in the elbow. It's just part of the process. It's what Spring Training is for."