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Barry M. Bloom has been a national reporter for since 2002 and has more than 35 years of experience covering sports.

  • July 16 12:53 AM ET

    God Bless Michael Weiner

    NEW YORK — The main thing I have to say about Michael Weiner is that he has a lot of guts. He is nearing the end stage of brain cancer and still is fighting the good flight.  Now wheelchair bound, the executive director of the Major League Baseball Player Association was on the field on […] More»
  • May 24 6:28 AM ET

    Confronting ghosts and slaying dragons

    NEW YORK — It’s not very often when you get to meet a person that contributed to one of the worst moments of your life as a sports fan. But that happened to me at Madison Square Garden on Thursday night. The silver-haired gentleman sitting in the press box was Johnny Bucyk, the former Boston […] More»
  • February 19 5:51 AM ET

    Paul over Durant as NBA ASG MVP

    HOUSTON — If there was any question whether the transition from young to old in the NBA and the Lakers to the Clippers in Los Angeles was all but complete, the West defeated in the East, 143-138, Sunday night at the Toyota Center in the annual All-Star Game and Clippers guard Chris Paul was named […] More»
  • October 19 6:44 PM ET

    I survived cancer and the D-backs 5K run

    PHOENIX — I ran the D-backs first annual cancer 5K through the streets of downtown Phoenix on Saturday morning in a surprising 49 minutes, 48 seconds. Considering that I usually average 18-minute miles, that’s pretty good for me. I then took part in the weenie 1K family fun walk with my friend, Joey Reaves, and […] More»
  • January 29 3:24 PM ET

    Two tales of one city

    Kudos to U-T San Diego on Sunday for the enterprise story that encompassed the entire front page of Sports, “Two Tales of One City.” It told the story of New Orleans post Katrina with the Super Bowl playing out there next Sunday for the first time since the storm ravaged that community in 2005. That […] More»
  • January 08 6:15 PM ET

    My Hall of Fame Ballot for 2013

    Barry Bonds, Craig Biggio, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa, Mike Piazza, Mark McGwire, Rafael Palmeiro, Jack Morris, Lee Smith, Alan Trammell. This ballot, as controversial as it is, wasn’t very tough for me. I’ve always voted for the best players from their particular era and this year is no different. Using all 10 slots, I voted […] More»
  • December 20 6:53 AM ET

    Thoughts on the Green family

    PHOENIX — I never met Christina-Taylor Green, but I feel like I have through her parents, John and Roxanna. She’s the little girl, who was gunned down nearly two years ago in nearby Tucson by a madman with an assault weapon who was after Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and shot 19 people, killing six of them. […] More»
  • November 16 11:22 PM ET

    More on Cabrera

    A colleague wrote to me about my last blog, claiming that Miguel Cabrera’s feat this season was an “incredibly weak” Triple Crown. Huh? A Triple Crown is a Triple Crown. That analysis just defies the vagaries of everything coming together correctly in a given year and is a reason why the statistical analysis only goes […] More»
  • November 16 2:10 AM ET

    Finally, Nate Silver misses one on Trout over Cabrera Love, Nate. Great analysis about the AL MVP race in his Nov. 14 FiveThirtyEight blog. Unfortunately the “traditionalists” overruled him by a huge margin as Miguel Cabrera won 27 of the 30 AL first place votes and defeated Mike Trout. Can’t take what Cabrera did out of context. His numbers were good enough THIS […] More»
  • August 27 6:42 PM ET

    Towers: D-backs not hoisting white flag

    PHOENIX — Despite what it may look like on the surface, the D-backs are not “waiving the white flag” in their race for a playoff spot with the trade on Sunday of veteran left-handed starter Joe Saunders to the Orioles for right-handed reliever Matt Lindstrom, Arizona general manager Kevin Towers said. They dropped a three-game […] More»
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