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10/04/05 8:09 PM ET

Bochy postgame interview

QUESTION: Bruce, what did you think of Tony's decision to let Sanders swing 3-O?

BRUCE BOCHY: Ramon thought he was swinging and told Jake, but you've got a tough situation there. You've got to throw a strike. They're being aggressive on their side. You give him credit. He got a hold of it, and that was the difference in the ballgame right there. It would have been nice if he hit a ground ball and got out of it, but he didn't. It got up in the air and kind of did us in, that swing there.

QUESTION: Bruce, do you think that Jake had any first postseason game jitters as a young guy?

BRUCE BOCHY: I don't think so. I thought he was throwing well there. In the third inning he had some bad luck going for him. The little flare fell in and the little dribbler to the first base. That's just bad luck, and the next inning kind of -- you know, he pitched himself in trouble with a walk there and got behind with Sanders, and that's putting yourself in a tough jam, but the first three innings he was throwing the ball well.

QUESTION: Boch, Jake was seen leaving the stadium in the eighth. Is he OK?

BRUCE BOCHY: He felt something on his right side. It could be a rib, we're going to just get him looked at and make sure he's OK. He did have X-rays. They were negative, but we want to get him -- he said he felt it during the course of the game.

He didn't say anything, but you know, we just want to get him looked at.

QUESTION: Boch, that ninth inning notwithstanding, were you a little disappointed with your execution in the first innings when you --

BRUCE BOCHY: We had some opportunities there early. What you want to do is create opportunities. We were just missing the hit, you know. Give Carpenter credit. He made some pitches, and we did what we wanted to do and that's get guys on base. At that point you need a hit, and we were missing that early in the ballgame, but I can't say enough about the club, you know. In the ninth inning, you know, I think any time you're down eight runs and you end up getting the winning run up at the plate, I think that shows a lot of character and heart of the club, and they were battling to the end.

QUESTION: Bruce, you talk about 3-0 and you were aware he might be swinging? Is there anything he can do there? He's got to throw a strike.

BRUCE BOCHY: There's not a lot you can do. It's not really a time to start picking at the corners. We're down four at that point. You pretty much got to challenge them and we lost the challenge. Like I said, I give Reggie credit. He hit it well, and at that point we feel like we're still in the ballgame, but again again, you know, to be down like that and come back, I was proud of the club.

QUESTION: Bruce, how much do you think when Jake tripped there it flustered him on the wild pitch?

BRUCE BOCHY: Jake's makeup is off the chart. I don't think it flustered him. He was mad at himself, what happened there, and really kept his composure. He threw the ball which is big there. He just threw it so -- so bad that it's a tough pitch to block there for Ramon, but he he's got that ability to regroup and put that behind him, so I -- I don't think it flustered him. Jake, you know, he's too tough a kid to let something like that bother him.

QUESTION: Bruce, is that where he tweaked the muscle?

BRUCE BOCHY: No, from what I understand, he felt it a little bit earlier, but again, he didn't -- we were not aware of it. He didn't say anything, and you know, it's just one of those things. He felt like he was good to go, and I think after the game it felt a little bit worse, and then it subsided, so you know, we're hoping for the best that he's -- that he's fine.

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