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05/30/06 7:13 PM ET

Peavy fields fans' questions during chat

Starter says he is proof that dreams come true

Padres starter Jake Peavy chatted about his Major League season-high and franchise-record 16-strikeout game during an online chat Tuesday. He also talked about the person who has influenced him most and facing the game's greatest hitters.

Peavy: Hey guys. Sorry I'm late. But let's get going. Thanks for waiting!

star721: First off, I want to say happy early birthday! And second of all, you are so amazing. Did you always know you wanted to be a Major League player?

Peavy: Thanks for the happy birthday. I'm getting old. I didn't think it would be a reality growing up, but the dream seemed close to coming true as I came up through the Minors.

viscera: What's your favorite movie of all time? Peavy: My favorite movie of all-time would have to be "Top Gun" -- great action movie.

neutrogena: What did you think of facing one of baseball's greatest hitters, Albert Pujols? Were you confident and feeling good pitching to him? You did great against him.

Peavy: It's always fun facing the game's best hitters, whether it be Pujols or Barry Bonds. It's always good to see how you stack up against the best.

Base_Ball_4: What was it like to go to the World Baseball Classic and represent our country?

Peavy: Awesome. It was the coolest thing I've ever done in baseball.

rvt55: Do you view wins and losses as a tricky stat for pitchers?

Peavy: Yes I do. I really don't read a lot into wins and losses. A lot of times you can pitch well and not get a win. And a lot of times you don't pitch well and end up with a win. I like to concentrate on the stats I can control.

ang9000: When you were on a strikeout roll with 16K's, did you want to stay in the game to try and make a new record for all time strikeouts in a game?

Peavy: You always want to stay in ballgames and never want to come out. But understanding the situation of the game that night, you listen to your manager.

laura08: What person has influenced your life the most?

Peavy: It would have to be my grandfather, who has now since passed on. The 14 years that I had with him growing up -- he was like a father figure to me. He molded me into the person that I am today.

joe_virissimo: What pitcher did you look up to the most when you were a kid?

Peavy: Probably Nolan Ryan up until he retired. After that, Roger Clemens.

joseph228: Where is your favorite place to pitch, besides PETCO, and why?

Peavy: It would probably be in San Francisco. You just get comfortable on some mounds, and that's one of them. It's a hostile environment, but I enjoy it.

venomx3: How's the shoulder feeling today? How did it feel pitching Sunday?

Peavy: It feels a little achy, but I'm hanging in there. Sunday was fine. You pitch with aches and pains all year.

rob1lu2: How do players value the fans? Do we matter or are we just a bother?

Peavy: Absolutely not. Fans are a huge part of the game and your support means the world to us. We would be nothing without you guys.

kenem: Everyone knows when you get fired up. What are some of the things you are telling yourself on that mound?

Peavy: I will tell you this, I do not cuss out there. I was raised to know better. I know cameras are there, but I do yell at myself sometimes if I get frustrated.

laura08: How did you get your number? Was it assigned or did you choose it?

Peavy: It was assigned to me. When I got to the big leagues, I had a locker and 44 with Peavy on it. I had worn 22 my entire career but I didn't want to say anything as a young player stepping into the clubhouse. No. 44 has grown on me and my fans and is here to stay.

phiphi44: I play high school ball. What would you say is the most important thing for a young ball player to know?

Peavy: The biggest thing is dreams come true. If it is your dream to play pro ball, it can happen. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. I'm living proof that your dreams come true. You've got to have fun when you play the game. I treat this as a game and have fun with it. That's why I started playing.

Peavy: OK, guys batting practice starts in 30 minutes and I've got to get ready. Thanks for all the questions and sorry about the ones we didn't get to. Thanks for all your support and look forward to seeing you all soon at PETCO Park.

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