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08/16/06 6:38 PM ET

Barfield chats about first year in the bigs

Rookie discusses Padres' bid for the postseason

Padres second baseman Josh Barfield chatted online with fans Wednesday about being among the top rookies in this year's talented freshman class, facing some of the game's best pitchers and San Diego's bid for the postseason.

Barfield: Hey guys, this is Josh. Let's get this party started.

mattttt82: Hi Josh, you're doing a great job in your first year and I look forward to seeing you patrolling the Padres infield for years to come. Can you give us some insight on the current mind-set inside the clubhouse? Do you feel the team is poised to make a comeback?

Barfield: I think we haven't been playing the kind of baseball that we're capable of playing, but we're right in the middle of the race. I know the Dodgers are hot right now, but all it takes is a little hot streak of our own to get us going.

sierra22: What is your favorite thing to do off the field?

Barfield: That's a good question. I enjoy going to movies, cooking, and hanging out at the house playing my video games. We don't get a lot of down time during the season, so I like to just relax as much as possible.

padrefan11: Mr. Barfield, were you inspired to play baseball because of your father, and would you like to play in Toronto?

Barfield: Yes, I would say that my father is a big reason why I wanted to play baseball. I grew up around the clubhouse following him around as a kid, so I think that is what initially motivated me to play. There aren't too many jobs out there that are more fun or satisfying than playing professional baseball.

padres98: How does it feel being named Rookie of the Month for July?

Barfield: It was a big thrill for me to be named Rookie of the Month. I know there are a lot of talented rookies out there having great years, so to be named the best for the month was very flattering.

JANE_LOVESBASEBALL: Who were your favorite players growing up?

Barfield: My favorite players growing up would probably be my father (Jesse Barfield), Ken Griffey Jr., and, most of all, Rickey Henderson. Those were the guys that I always pretended to be as a child.

sdpadresgal: Hi, Josh! I'm a big fan. In your rookie season so far, who was the pitcher you were most excited to step into the batter's box against? Who was the pitcher you dreaded to see on the mound?

Barfield: I think the guy that I was most excited about facing was Greg Maddux. I watched him pitch so much growing up on WGN and TBS, and he was somebody that I really looked up to. I think the guy that I dreaded facing the most would be Pedro Martinez. He just looked so nasty on TV. I got some hits off of Maddux but I'm still looking for my first off of Pedro.

phils14125: Hello, Josh. You're doing a great job this year. How did it feel when you first walked on that field?

Barfield: The first time I stepped on the field was Opening Day and it was something that I will never forget. I had chills out there as they were announcing our names. It was almost surreal. I always dreamed about playing in the big leagues, but for that dream to actually come true was almost overwhelming.

peavy4prez08: Who is your best friend on the team?

Barfield: My best friend on the team would be Ben Johnson. We have been together since A-ball. We have been through so much together coming up through the Minors and now in our rookie seasons that he is almost like a brother to me.

Eric_Adler: Is the clubhouse motivated enough to take back first place?

Barfield: I know that this clubhouse is motivated enough to win this division. It's a long season and you're going to have your ups and downs, but it's how you handle both that determine your season. We have good leadership here and I think we will play our best baseball down the stretch.

Mari_Agory: Do you speak any other languages other then English?

Barfield: No, I only speak English. I was born in Venezuela, but I was only there for a short time. I'm working on my Spanish though.

nklhead: Josh, how is it playing with Khalil Greene and Adrian Gonzalez? I think we have the best infield. You are a fast duo out there.

Barfield: It is so much fun to play the infield with those two guys. Just watching some of the plays that they make on a daily basis is awesome to me. I think it also makes me a better player by just playing alongside them.

Barfield: I only have time for a couple more questions, so let's get to it.

myapuddin: My students and I often talk about baseball and players. What was your favorite subject in school?

Barfield: My favorite subject growing up in school was math. It was just something that was interesting to me and that I did well in. It also helps me now trying to figure out all my stats.

peavy4prez08: What has been the greatest personal moment for you this season?

Barfield: My greatest personal moment of the year would be my first walk-off hit against the Cubs earlier this season. It's a great feeling to end a game and something that doesn't happen to often. It's funny though because the guy that I got the hit off of is now in the locker next to me (Scott Williamson).

Barfield: Hey guys, that's all for today. Got to go get ready to beat the Giants tonight. Thanks for all your questions, and I hope to see you out at PETCO Park soon.

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