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10/03/06 8:52 PM ET

Jake Peavy postgame transcript

Padres' Game 1 starter discusses loss to Cardinals

Q. Hey, Jake, you seemed to be making all your right pitches. How tough is that to have that one get away with Albert Pujols with that at bat?

JAKE PEAVY: It was tough, no doubt. It was game changing. And you know, just one of those things, you know. Ball bounces the other way today seemed like all day.

That was an instance there, that obviously was a game changing play there. And you know, still I gotta make a better pitch than I did 3-2. But can't give Albert second chances. He's going to hurt you. And made some good pitches to him later in the game, but that one obviously changed the whole game there in the fourth.

Q. Jake, was it a cutter you threw? If it was, where did it go wrong?

JAKE PEAVY: It was a cutter that was right down the middle. Yeah. Those go wrong a lot.

Q. Jake, in these games, last year, this year, do you feel that you have to be so fine because Carpenter has just been great in the two games?

JAKE PEAVY: Absolutely. You know, Boch said going in, Carp, he didn't win the Cy Young for nothing last year. Top candidate this year. You know, going in, the margin for error is not very big at all. So you know, like I said, the first three innings did feel good. The fourth inning, you know, we let the game get away from us. Obviously that was the game there. And those four innings, that homerun was big. And I felt I made a good pitch to Scott Rolen. He breaks the bat and duffs it to the right. Got a run that time. It was a difference. We had a chance, didn't do it, and Carp was too much today.

Q. We've already seen how much you feed emotionally off the crowd and you were right up in that zone up to the Pujols home run. How do you feel you pitched from that point until the end of your outing?

JAKE PEAVY: I didn't do what I was supposed to do. No doubt I didn't put up zero. I needed to do that, and, you know, looking back on it, it wouldn't have mattered. Fourth inning was it. But I went back and looked at the tape and everything I did after that, like I said, they just seemed -- the ball bounced their way.

I made a good pitch to Scott Rolen and he hits the ball, throws a land mine in the line there. We got some ground balls. The pitch to Jimmy Edmonds was a ball he hit and it gets up the middle and the ground balls, Pujols hit and Encarnacion. The ball was just going their way. They were hitting ground balls where we weren't. And it seemed like Todd Walker hits that ball that could have been game changing there. They came up with a great play. The ball was out of our reach and just in their reach.

Like Boch said, the ball just didn't go our way. We didn't get any breaks today. And we didn't make any breaks for ourselves either. But this thing will bounce back.

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Q. Speaking of balls just out of your reach, the foul ball Pujols hit, what was your view of that play? Did Mike really have a good shot at it and did that take anything out of you when that play doesn't come in?

JAKE PEAVY: Obviously I need it to get made. Just a pop up -- I mean, obviously those are not the easiest plays to make, you know.

But, I don't know. Obviously was a big play, because it did get made, and two pitches later the guy hits a 500 foot homerun to go up 2-nothing. It was a big play, tough play, no doubt about it. But like I said, we didn't make any breaks for ourselves. That game goes well, we're catching those balls and those ground balls are at people, and, you know, we're in that game and we get a big hit or we bleed one of the balls in and bases loaded there.

Baseball is a game of inches. I mean, just so many little things, you know, when you look at it being out there. Balls hit at people, balls not hit at people. Hard hit balls get caught. Sometimes soft balls fall in. It's just consistently the balls went their way. They made some great plays, you know, and we just couldn't, you know, get to some balls that maybe another day we'd get to, get a big hit on. All you need is one of those broken bat flyers down the line or something like that with the bases loaded and it's a different game. Just didn't go our way today. Like Boch said, this is a team that's been down and out all year, man.

We've had a lot of ups and downs, and the boys are going to come out on Thursday and I promise you expecting to win. And we've got the big boy on the mound who has been there and done it before. Hopefully he'll give us a lift.

Q. Jake, everybody talked about the way this Cardinals team stumbled down the stretch. For that to come out have a complete game victory, what challenge does that present for this Padres team?

JAKE PEAVY: The Cardinals are a good team. We knew it going in. They were the same team played in NLCS, played Houston, the same team personnelwise, other than some starters that they went to the World Series a few years ago. So we know they're a good team, but absolutely we know that we can play with them as well and win this series. Today was obviously a stumbling block but we have four games left and we believe we can take three of four.

And that starts on Thursday, so, you know, obviously you don't like to get beat in game one. But we've got the pitching to definitely play well there, play well here. And still win this series.

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