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05/27/08 8:53 PM ET

Adrian Gonzalez chat wrap

Padres first baseman speaks on state of team and more

Adrian Gonzalez: Hi this is Adrian, thanks for joining me in this chat today. Let's get started.

Thanatos: Can you describe how it feels to hit a walkoff in an extra inning game?

Gonzalez: It's very exciting. Running the bases and seeing the team waiting for you when you are turning around third, it's a special feeling. For a game like that, the best feeling was that the game was finally over.

christi_na: What is like having your brother Edgar on the team?

Gonzalez: Having my brother is very special to myself and my family. We've always dreamed since we were little, of playing for the Padres. Little did we know, that dream became a reality. We have a lot of fun together, we know each other really well and the minute he stepped in the clubhouse, he became my number one critic and my number one supporter.

nicolesd: Adrian, quien era tu favorito jugador cuando eras nino?

Gonzalez: Mi jugador favorito era Tony Gwynn. Siendo del area de San Diego y Tijuana, tengo muchos recuerdos de ir al estadio Qualcomm., con Tony Gwynn siendo el heroe o el pelotero que mejor bateaba.

yes612: Adrian, how is Chris Young doing? and what was going through your mind when you saw and heard him get hit?

Gonzalez: Chris is at home with his family. Last I spoke with him, he's feeling well. He still has some inflammation. I don't know much more in terms of his health. When I first saw the line drive, I noticed it hit him, but I couldn't tell where and how severe it was. Not until I saw him go to the ground and I saw the blood, did I know it was a serious hit. That is when I ran to the mound and all I could think about is "I hope he's going to be O.K."

cmon_gerut: On the scale of 1 to 10, where is the confidence level in the locker room now and why?

Gonzalez: I would have to say it's about an 8 out of 10. We are still confident that we can win. We know that talent-wise, we have what it takes to be a contender in our division, but somehow things haven't played out the way we hoped. There is some kind of doubt as to what is going to happen with the team, with all the outside talk, but internally, we know we can turn this around. As long as the core group stays together.

sonny77: Cuando no estas jugando beisbol que te gusta hacer?

Gonzalez: Cuando no estoy jugando beisbol, me gusta pasarme el tiempo con mi esposa y con mi familia. Nos gusta ir a cenar, de vez en cuando al cine, o a jugar boliche. Pero mas que nada, durante la temporada, nos la pasamos en casa porque no hay mucho tiempo para relajarse en casa.

mcjaames: I will be at Yankee Stadium for two of your games. How does it feel to know that you will be playing in legendary Yankee Stadium in not only an inter-league exhibition, but possibly an All-Star game too?

Gonzalez: It will be fun to play at Yankee Stadium. Don't know about the All-Star game, but for inter-league, I do know that it will be a very enjoyable experience. Yankee Stadium has a lot of tradition, so I am looking forward to going and seeing the monuments they have behind the fence.

paddog: Adrian...you guys recently have hit 9 home runs in two separate games...Is the 'PETCO' home run stigma finally over with? Do you guys feel more comfortable with 'PETCO' as a good power ballpark?

Gonzalez: PETCO Park will always be a pitcher's paradise. Although some days the ball does carry like in a normal ballpark, it still plays unfair to hitters 85% of the time. It is a great place to play, it has the best field conditions thanks to Luke Yoder and his staff, but from a hitter's standpoint, statistics have proven that it is the #1 pitcher's ballpark in baseball.

chinotj: Adrian, jugaste en tijuana? En que liga y que recuerdos tienes como jugador profecional el empezar a jugar desde peque? O que tan importante es?

Gonzalez: En mi juventud, jugue en la liga municipal de Tijuana, en la mesa de Otay. Tengo muchos recuerdos muy bonitos de las temporadas que fui seleccionado para nos nacionales. Los nacionales son un tiempo muy emocionante y las veces que ganamos, fueron muy especiales. Tengo muchos companeros que siguen siendo amigos hoy en dia y varios juegan beisbol profesional.

mcjaames: Being a number one pick out of high school, how was the transition from high school ball to minor league ball?

Gonzalez: The transition from high school to professional baseball was difficult. In High School you are playing against players that are younger than you, and at times less talented. When you go into professional baseball, you are no longer the most talented, everybody has the same talent you have. In high school, you see the best pitcher that can throw around 90 mph, once during a season. At the professional level, every pitcher throws about 90 mph.

mcjaames: Where do you stand on having instant replay in MLB?

Gonzalez: I am for instant replay, because as a player all you care about is that the call is right. I am not against umpires, I think they are a very important part of the game, but human error is something that will always happen. With instant replay, you can eliminate that aspect with crucial plays.

daver24: Q: Why did you pick #23 for your jersey number? Is there any meaning behind the number for you?

Gonzalez: One thing that I feel everybody should understand is that as a player, you don't choose your number. I was given #23 by the Padres when I made the team, and that's the number I've worn since. With Texas I was #24, so it's not the same number. My favorite number is #14 but it's not important enough for me to try and change the number on the back of my shirt.

sonny77: Q: Que es la diferencia jugando beisbol en Estado Unidos y en Mexico?

Gonzalez: El beisbol sigue siendo el mismo. La unica cosa que si es diferente es la preparacion fisica y mental del pelotero aqui en Estados Unidos. Todos los estadios tienen muy buen gimnasio y estadisticas para que uno se prepare y este 100% listo para el juego. En Mexico, todos los juegos solamente llegas, te estiras, tienes practica de bateo y esperas a que empieze el juego.

mcjaames: Q: Do you prefer to hit in the cage, live, or off the tee?

Gonzalez: I like all three equally. It depends on whether it is in-season or the off-season. In the off-season, I work on the tee and in the cage a lot. During the season, I like to see the ball moving since I'm going to hit the ball moving, so I prefer live.

catito: Q: What sports do you follow other than baseball?

Gonzalez: I do follow most sports. The sport I follow the most however is football, since it is our off-season and I have time to watch. I'm a big fan of the Chargers and I hope that they continue they're success and are able to bring a championship to San Diego in the near future.

Gonzalez: That's all the time I have today, I have to get ready for the game. Thank you all for participating.

Gonzalez: Es todo el tiempo por hoy. Tengo que prepararme para el juego. Gracias a todos por participar.

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