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07/07/08 10:19 PM ET

Padres' Barrett waiting on surgery

Catcher to talk with specialist about operation on broken nose

SAN DIEGO -- Michael Barrett made his first appearance in the Padres clubhouse since breaking his nose on Wednesday, when a fastball ricocheted off his bat and hit him in the eye and nose.

On Tuesday, he will meet with the specialist who performed teammate Chris Young's surgery to discuss the scheduling of his next step. If he had it his way, he would have the surgery by Wednesday. There is no guarantee that will happen, but Barrett wants the surgery as soon as possible because "the sooner I get the surgery, the sooner I can get back out there."

"I'm just waiting for the surgery, that's kind of the thing I want done now," Barrett said.

Barrett says he feels very fortunate and that if it would have been anywhere slightly to the right, it could have caused permanent eye damage. Barrett has been suffering from double vision, but the doctors say that will go away.

"They did a lot of eye tests," Barrett said. "That was one of the first things they did, and everything checked out well."

Barrett, who is one of the more vocal guys in the clubhouse, was in good spirits. He said he feels blessed that the injury wasn't as severe as it could have been.

"I look worse than I feel," Barrett said.

When the injury happened, Barrett knew his nose was broken but originally felt that he would be able to return to the game. But when he realized that his vision was off when he stood up, he knew he wouldn't be able to go back in the game.

Last August, Barrett missed time due to a concussion, so a natural concern of both Barrett and the doctors was whether his injuries included a concussion.

Barrett said that he understands the symptoms of having a concussion and knew right away that it wasn't the case. But that didn't keep the doctors from worrying.

"The doctor kept asking me, 'Do you know where you're at?' And I kept saying, 'I'm in Denver!' " Barrett said. "But he didn't believe me."

Barrett will be out for a minimum of six weeks.

"I'll be back," Barrett said. "I don't know when, but I'll be back."

Ronald P. Clark is an associate reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.