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08/26/08 6:15 PM ET

Chat wrap with Chase Headley

Padres outfielder speaks with fans on Tuesday

c_headley: Hello everyone, this is Chase Headley. Thank you for joining me in this chat today. Let's get started.

robchapin: Hello Chase. Who would you consider the toughest pitcher you have faced thus far in the big leagues?

c_headley: Mariano Rivera was the toughest pitcher I've faced. Dan Haren is pretty good. Verlander was also very good when we faced him. Also Lincecum was very good.

adams37rox: Hey Chase, What do you like to do when you aren't playing baseball, like in the offseason?

c_headley: I love doing anything outdoors: fishing, hunting, camping. Anything that gets me away from being inside.

nikkin: Whats your favorite genre of music and who is your favorite artist/band?

c_headley: I listen to a little of everything, but country music is my favorite. I would say George Strait is my favorite, but I have a lot of other favorites.

aelwyn: What do you say to an umpire if he makes a bad call?

c_headley: As a rookie, you probably should not say a whole lot. The only couple of times I've said something, the umpire has definitely made a call later in the game to punish me for saying something.

aelwyn: What's it been like adjusting to major league pitching?

c_headley: The toughest part of major league pitching is the consistency. Every single guy you face is good. Sometimes in the minors, you get some good pitchers, but you'll get a guy or two where you feel like you get a break.

bb43: Chase...What is the most difficult ball park to hit-in in the majors?

c_headley: Out of the ballparks that I have played in thus far, San Francisco and San Diego are both geared towards the pitchers.

cjstorm: Tell me about your time in Lake Elsinore

c_headley: I loved playing in Lake Elsinore. I think it is one of the best places in the entire minor leagues to play. From the stadium to the Front Office and to the host families. They all make it one of the best overall packages in the minor leagues.

noelmansd: Did you play any other sports except bseball when you were little?

c_headley: I played every sport imaginable growing up. I played football, baseball and basketball all the way up to my freshman year in High School. Then I just played baseball and basketball for the rest of high school.

nikkin: Who would you say you've gotten close to on the team?

c_headley: There have been a lot of guys that I have gotten close to since I've been here. Obviously the guys I've played with in triple-A I'm close with. But Adrian Gonzalez, Greg Maddux and Kouz are the guys I've gotten closest with.

golfparent: Are you feeling more relaxed in left field, and do you ever still work out at third base?

c_headley: I'm definitely getting more comfortable each and every day in left field. There is still a lot of improvement that can be made and I'm also still getting some reps at third base, just because you never know what is going to happen in the future.

adams37rox: What do your teammates call you in the clubhouse?

c_headley: Most of the guys call me either Head, Chead, or Cheadley.

bb43: Who was your baseball mentor?....Who did you look up too?

c_headley: My brother who is four years older than me. I was always trying to play with hiim and I think that helped me to get a lot better because I was playing with older kids all my life.

meden: Do you feel we will be better next year?

c_headley: I definitely expect us to be better next year. If you look at the recent past, we've been a good team for the last few years. We have some guys coming up that are going to help us down the road. The guys in the clubhouse are working hard and are dissapointed with the way things have gone this year.

cjstorm: Are you looking forward to tomorrow's Storm/Padres Double Header?

c_headley: Yeah I remember getting to play here two years ago and how good of an experience it was. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the guys that will hopefully be here in San Diego in the near future.

luvsdgirl: How do you feel about instant replay?

c_headley: I think that instant replay will have a positive effect on determining debatable home runs and I'm glad that it is going to be used. I am against using instant replay for anything other than disputable home runs.

bb43: Do you study each pitcher like Ted Williams did?

c_headley: I watch pitchers everyday on video to see how they are attacking hitters that are similar to myself. Some pitchers I've already faced so it's nice to be able to go back and look at how they attacked me in previous games.

noelmansd: Can you tell us about your everyday meals as a professional athlete?

c_headley: The food in the big leagues is much better than the food in the Minor Leagues. Our spreads after the game, at least in San Diego, are some of the better meals that I get to eat. Also the food on the plane is typically much better than standard airline food.

padreleigh: Why don't you throw more balls into the stands in between innings?

c_headley: I try to throw as many balls up into the stands as possible during the games. But there is no way that I could ever throw as many balls as fans want. I would say on a typical day, I get between 5 and 12,000 requests for balls. Being that the Padres are a small market team, I don't think they could afford 12,000 balls into the stands everyday. But I try to spread them out as much as possible.

bb43: What is your Greatest moment in Baseball?

c_headley: As of right now, my greatest moment in baseball was hitting my first home run at Yankee Stadium, but I look forward to much better moments hopefully here in San Diego, including winning a World Series.

c_headley: Thanks for your questions. Take it easy with the ball requests. Thanks for all your support. See you at PETCO.

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