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08/26/08 9:44 PM ET

Haren says he overreacted to pitch

Righty took issue with tight toss from Padres' Hensley

SAN DIEGO -- Dan Haren cringed every time his seventh-inning at-bat from Monday night was replayed.

And it was replayed a lot.

Ah, teammates, you can always count on them to keep you humble.

With catcher Chris Snyder working the controls, some of Haren's teammates gathered around to watch as Haren had some choice words for Padres reliever Clay Hensley after a pitch sailed high and a bit inside.

Haren wound up doubling, and once he reached second also unleashed an invective or two Hensley's way.

The reaction caught Hensley off guard.

"I'm not trying to hit Dan Haren, c'mon," Hensley said. "I'm not trying to go out there and hit the guy. He got a little hot about it. But at the same time, he's out there competing, too. It happens, but it wasn't something that was intended. I think that he overreacted."

And after having a night to sleep on it, Haren realized that, too.

"I really don't think it was intentional," he said. "I've never seen a pitch come high and tight like that, so I probably overreacted. But at the time it was frustrating, and I'm glad I got a hit to finish the at-bat."

As for the teasing from his teammates?

"That was a little embarrassing," Haren said. "But you know it's the heat of the moment. It was an emotional game. Every baserunner was important, it was 2-2. Sometimes the emotion gets the better of you."

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