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07/21/09 6:01 PM ET

Tony Gwynn chat transcript

Padre talks about life in the Majors and in San Diego

Tony_Gwynn jr: Hi everyone, sorry I'm late, I haven't eaten yet...Thank you all for participating in this chat...let's get started

ghcubshg: What was the biggest challenge you found in the Majors compared to playing in the minors?

Tony_Gwynn jr: Being consistent on the offensive end would be the biggest challenge. Mainly because of how well pitchers locate their pitches in the big leagues.

Brewers02: Tony, did you like playing for the Brewers when you were there?

Tony_Gwynn jr: Yes, I enjoyed playing for the Brewers. Most of my good buddies come from that organization and they gave me my first opportunity.

Thanatos: What ballpark have you most enjoyed playing in so far?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I like PETCO Park. The weather is perfect and I've always liked playing defense in big ballparks. No worries about crashing into walls, there is a lot space.

bparker34: Tony, do you enjoy playing in San Diego? And who was your favorite team growing up?

Tony_Gwynn jr: Yes, I love playing in San Diego. I didn't really have a favorite team growing up. I think I was more interested in the players on the teams as opposed to specific teams.

StephenW: What is your best time in the 60-yard dash?

Tony_Gwynn jr: 6.59 is my best time

Kaybee: Are you a Chargers fan?

Tony_Gwynn jr: Yes I am a Chargers fan. I went to a Raiders vs. Chargers game last season with some other players.

sonny77: Do you feel more pressure playing at home with your family and friends in the crowd?

Tony_Gwynn jr: No, I actually feel the opposite of that. I feel more comfortable playing at home, the surroundings are familiar to me. I think the people in San Diego know what to expect of me, as opposed to the people in Milwaukee.

pkdetrich: It is truly awesome to be able to see you play for the Padres! What aspect of your defense are you most proud of and what do you feel you need to work on?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I would probably say my instincts. As far as things I would need to work on, I would say arm strength and fielding hard hit ground balls cleanly.

jcweisel: How did it REALLY feel when you got the big triple off Trevor when we were an out from clinching a playoff berth?

Tony_Gwynn jr: At the time of the hit, I was very excited about it. I was hitting .250 at the time, so that hit brought me all the way up to .260

lau79: What do you think about your teammate Evert Cabrera??? Does he have chance to maintain as a regular player???

Tony_Gwynn jr: Yes, I think he is probably the most exciting player to watch on our team right now. He is very young with an extremely high ceiling. I'm looking forward to hitting in front or behind him for a long time.

LongBeach562: I'm from Long Beach too, have you been to LB Poly HS recently?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I have not been to Long Beach Poly in a little bit, but I usually get down to Long Beach once a year.

sddeleon: Hey Mr.Gwynn, how did you feel when you got traded to the Padres?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I was excited. Excited for an opportunity to be back in the big leagues. Secondly, I was excited to be coming home to the team I grew up watching my entire life.

mul71d: Tony, How hard is it when you are traded and you have to adjust to a new city, new teammates and new life?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I think typically, it is a difficult situation to move your family and all your belongings in a short period of time. But in my case, it worked out fantastic because my home is in San Diego, so it was an easy transition. As far as teammates, it was also an easy transition because most guys I'd already met or played against so I was familiar with most of them.

Kaybee: If you weren't in baseball, what would you be doing?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I would be playing basketball.

Kaybee: What's your favorite movie?

Tony_Gwynn jr: My favorite movie is Trading Places. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd

3boogity43: What are some of the differences between the Padre and Brewer franchises?

Tony_Gwynn jr: Both franchises are in need of a championship, and fans seem to really crave that in both situations. I think because of our situation with the change in ownership, it puts us in a transitional phase that's a bit different than Milwaukee. Milwaukee had a four year start over us in their transition phase.

jcweisel: Bud has moved you around a bit in the lineup...where would you like to hit...leadoff...2nd...3rd...?

Tony_Gwynn jr: If I had my way, I'd probably prefer to bat leadoff. Being that Buddy has been around this game for a long time, he definitely knows what's best for our team more so than I do.

jonolivero: Do you get to choose your walk-up song, or does the organization pick it for you?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I get to choose the song and I change it based on my performance. If I have good games, I stay with it, if I don't, I change it real fast.

QHSD4: Being a local to Southern California, what do you do in your free time?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I like to be in my house by the beach. I spend too much time on my feet as it is, so I like to sit down in my free time and play with my kids.

bparker34: Is this actually Tony,or some guy sitting at his computer?

Tony_Gwynn jr: Yes, this is actually me.

letsgosd4: How concerned were you when Edgar got drilled?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I was just as concerned as everyone else in the dugout. Anytime anyone gets hit in the head with a fastball, you always have a lot of concern, especially when he wasn't really moving a lot early in the situation. Once he started moving, I felt a little better about the situation.

stkras1: You were your favorite players besides your Dad that you enjoyed watching as a kid?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I enjoyed watching Will Clark, Ken Griffey Jr, Barry Bonds. I also really enjoyed watching Steve Finley.

Thanatos: Has anyone on the Padres taken you under their wing and helped mentor you?

Tony_Gwynn jr: There have been a couple of guys who have been really helpful since I arrived. Brian Giles and David Eckstein are always willing to give me input or answer questions that I have. It's made for a really easy transition.

richman99: Who is the better athlete: Tiger Woods or MJ?

Tony_Gwynn jr: To me, this is a no-brainer. Michael Jordan. Tiger is a phenomenal athlete. He is the athlete in golf in my opinion, but MJ is still heads above everybody else.

FriarFan18: Are you a video game fan Tony? If so which ones do you play? I enjoy the MLB games, but they need to update your ratings. Welcome Home! I am glad you are in a Padre uniform!

Tony_Gwynn jr: You have to have XBOX live with internet connection, where they update the attributes. I do also enjoy all sports games when it comes to XBOX.

stkras1: Why do you think the Brewers never really gave you a real opportunity?

Tony_Gwynn jr: I think what it really boiled down to, I just didn't fit their style of play. They typically have guys who hit the ball out of the ballpark and drive the ball all over the field. They also have a lot of guys who punch out a lot. I'm not necessarily a power hitter who hits balls off the wall all the time. In some sense it's hard to disagree with me not playing, with a player the caliber of Mike Cameron out there. But, there were opportunities prior to his arrival that weren't presented to me for whatever reason.

Tony_Gwynn jr: That's all the time I have today. Gotta go get treatment. I appreciate your questions. It's good to be back in San Diego. Go Padres!

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