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07/07/11 8:10 AM ET

Maybin and Rizzo visit MCAS Miramar

Two young Padres spend their afternoon visiting with U.S. Marines

Cameron Maybin and Anthony Rizzo took time to visit MCAS Miramar to meet with a few United States Marines stationed here locally.

"It was a fun day," said Maybin. "We are very thankful for what these guys go through. It was a great opportunity to get to come out and meet these guys, to thank them."

Donning the Padres new digital camouflage jerseys, modeled after the pattern currently worn by the Marines, Maybin and Rizzo spent their afternoon signing autographs, taking pictures, exploring the ins and outs of the facility and meeting with Miramar's Commanding Officer Colonel Frank A. Richie.

"We were able to show our support for the troops today," said Rizzo. "This is something tiny we can do for them. I don't think we can put into words how much we appreciate what they do for us."

The highlight for the young Padres duo came later, as they were able to climb into the cockpit of an F/A 18 Hornet and then each take a turn in the Marines' flight simulator.

"We had a chance to come out here and hop up in some Red Devils. It was an awesome experience," said Maybin, who was fortunate enough to simulate landing on an aircraft carrier. "It was sick."

"It was so realistic, the way everything moved, that I even felt a little nauseous."

The Padres center fielder, who says he would love to go on an actual flight, explained his new level of respect for Marine aviators.

"They really have to be on point when they are up there. It looks like a video game, but they have a ton of responsibility. One slip-up and they could be in serious danger. It's no joke."

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