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Posted 10/7/12 at 9:46 PM

O Captain! My Captain! Brian Wilson pilots a motorized scooter through San Francisco streets

Brian Wilson, who's recovering from Tommy John surgery, hasn't played since April. But that doesn't mean he isn't making his presence felt, both at AT&T Park and in the streets of San Francisco.

The three-time All-Star was spotted sporting studded white sneakers, nautical-themed sweatpants, a tattoo-revealing tank top and a captain's hat while riding a motorized scooter near San Francisco's Broadway Tunnel. And yes, his beard -- which in his rehab time seems to have grown even larger and blacker than the void of space -- was in full effect.

The picture was tweeted by San Francisco confectionary shop Nosh This. The store's specialty is bacon-infused chocolate -- which sounds to me like exactly the sort of awesome-overload thing Wilson would bring his teammates to spur them on in the NLDS. 

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