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Jim Callis is an Draft and prospect expert. He has been covering the Draft and prospects since 1988.

  • September 05 1:45 PM ET

    Bonus Cape Cod Prospects: Nos. 11-20

    I ranked the Cape Cod League’s Top 10 Prospects, but that didn’t even cover the number of first-round picks (14) that the oldest and best college summer circuit had in the 2016 Draft. So here are prospects 11-20 for your consideration, all of whom are eligible for the 2017 Draft with the exception of the […] More»
  • August 19 1:18 PM ET

    Bonus Team USA Prospects: Nos. 11-20

    I wrote about the U.S. collegiate national team’s 10 best prospects for yesterday, but 10 was just an arbitrary cutoff to stop me from writing a 3,000-word article. There were more interesting players on Team USA and I have plenty more notes on them, so let’s rank prospects 11-20: 11. Evan Skoug, c, Texas […] More»
  • June 21 2:32 PM ET

    Callis Self 10-Round Drafts, 2003-16

    Here’s my complete list of self 10-round Drafts, dating back to 2003. I believe I’ve gotten better with more experience, though my 2012 effort doesn’t necessarily support that line of thinking. Through late June 2016, I had picked 34 big leaguers (indicated in boldface), with 2009 draftees Jabari Blash and Ryan Schimpf the latest to […] More»
  • June 19 4:19 AM ET

    Callis Self 10-Round Drafts, 2003-15

    Here’s my complete list of self 10-round Drafts, dating back to 2003. I like to think I’ve gotten better over time. Through the end of June 2015, I had picked 31 big leaguers (indicated in boldface), not including Luke Hochevar (whom I failed to sign in 2005). My blog post about my 2014 selections is here. […] More»
  • February 04 2015 3:13 PM ET

    The Top 100 Financial Report, 2015 Edition

    If you want scouting reports and videos for the most talented players in the Minor Leagues, check out’s just-released Top 100 Prospects list. If you want to know what it cost to sign those prospects, you’ve come to the right place. The Top 100 Financial Report is back for the second straight year (the […] More»
  • February 03 2015 6:38 PM ET

    Close-But-Not-Quite-Top-100 Prospects To Watch

    We released the Top 100 Prospects list on Friday, and as always, there wasn’t enough room to include everyone I like. With that in mind, I’ve listed below (alphabetically) 20 more prospects who have caught my eye, some of whom made my personal Top 100 but couldn’t crack the official list once I combined […] More»
  • November 20 2014 7:11 PM ET

    The AFL Not-Quite-Top-25 Team

    The talent in the Arizona Fall League was better than usual this year — and it’s usually pretty good. As a result, we increased the AFL Top Prospects list from 20 to 25. That still wasn’t enough to include all of the intriguing players I saw in 2 1/2 weeks in Arizona, however. So […] More»
  • October 06 2014 5:01 PM ET

    AFL Prospects To Watch

    If you’re not ready for the baseball season to end after the World Series, the Arizona Fall League is a godsend. Many of the game’s top prospects continue to play through mid-November in Arizona, which made identifying which AFLers I’m looking forward to seeing the most a difficult task because I was limited to just […] More»
  • September 12 2014 5:32 AM ET

    Bickford Will Attend CC Of Southern Nevada

    Phil Bickford, a former first-round pick projected to go very early in the 2015 First-Year Player Draft, will attend the Community College of Southern Nevada next spring, according to a source familiar with the situation. After starring in the Cape Cod League this summer, Bickford left Cal State Fullerton after one season to make himself […] More»
  • September 12 2014 2:52 PM ET

    Combining The Cape Lists

    I’ve spent the last two weeks ranking the top 10 pitching prospects and the top 10 hitting prospects in the Cape Cod League. The most prestigious summer collegiate circuit has produced more than 1,000 big leaguers — including more than 200 who have been active this year — and 13 first-round picks in the 2014 […] More»
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