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Donation Requests

We believe the Padres, and all baseball clubs have a special opportunity to contribute to the community and we are committed to doing so. Every year, the Padres support thousands of organizations by making donations to fundraising events. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we have established the following guidelines to help facilitate our donation process:

  • Requests are considered for any charitable or tax-exempt organization within the Greater San Diego Area, including San Diego & Imperial Counties and Baja California, Mexico. If your organization is not located within this region, please contact the Major League Baseball team nearest you to request a donation.
  • The decision whether to make a donation is at the sole discretion of the San Diego Padres Community Relations Department.
  • All donation requests must be submitted in writing, on organizational letterhead, and received at least four to six weeks prior to the event. We require the following information for consideration:
    1. The date of your event
    2. Who is benefiting from the event
    3. An explanation of how the proceeds will be used
    4. A contact person and phone number
    5. The mailing address where a donation might be sent
  • Requests are fulfilled by date of event. Please understand that most donations will be fulfilled a few weeks before the event due to the volume of requests received.
  • We do not accept personal items or fan merchandise to be autographed. Any items received will be returned to the sender. The Padres will not be held responsible for items sent to us that become damaged or lost in the mail.

If you are interested in requesting a donation from the San Diego Padres, please send your letter of request to:

San Diego Padres Community Relations
Attn: Charitable Donation
P.O. Box 122000
San Diego, CA 92112

Baseball Tomorrow Fund
The Baseball Tomorrow Fund, which is a joint initiative between Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association, promotes and enhances the growth of baseball around the world by funding programs, fields and equipment purchases to encourage and maintain youth participation in the game. For more information on The Baseball Tomorrow Fund and how to apply for a grant, please click here.