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The San Diego Madres is an organization
of 250 women and men who love baseball.

Its mission is to provide all children in San Diego County the opportunity to play baseball and softball by
financially assisting with support for their leagues.

The San Diego Madres Support Youth Baseball

We were formed in 1972 and since then the number of SD County youth baseball players we have sponsored (as members of teams sponsored) has increased from only 30 children to over 1,050 in 2011.

The San Diego Madres Support The Padres

We love our Padres and support them by helping out as needed at Petco Park events and by cheering on the team at home as well as during road games.

Fan Favorite Fundraisers

The Madres sell opportunity tickets and hold a drawing every year for a lucky fan and guest to win a chance to sit in the dugout seats behind home plate during a Padres home game. Also included in the prize are food and drinks being served to you at your seats.

Every other year the Madres hold a Silent Auction at Petco Park.This auction is always a Padres fan favorite, with many items autographed by current and former Padres they are able to bid on. Additionally, professional sports teams across the country make donations of autographed items and other sports memorabilia. There are also beautiful gift baskets to choose from. The Kids Table is a popular site during the auction where younger fans find less expensive items they just love, like baseball cards.

For More Information

If you would like to contact us, please call the Madres Hotline at 619-255-7423.

The Madres are a charitable not-for-profit organization organized for the public benefit. Donations are tax deductible according to the full extent of the law. Each individual should check with his or her financial advisor for deductibility.