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Rare Feats

Players Opponent Year
Cycle by Padres
Matt Kemp at Colorado 8/14/15


Players Opponent Year
Triple Plays by Padres
Ashby (P) to Gomez (SS) to Cianfrocco (1B) at Cincinnati 5/19/97
Salazar (3B) to Alomar (2B) to Clark (1B) to Parent (C) at Houston 4/9/89
Tempelton (SS) to Flannery (2B) to Bevacqua (1B) Atlanta 7/31/83
Almon (3B) to Thomas (2B) to Richards (1B) at Atlanta 4/11/78
Robles (SS) to Thomas (2B) to Colbert (1B) Chicago (NL) 6/4/72
Mason (2B) to Colbert (1B) to to Hernandez (SS) Atlanta 8/1/71
J. Niekro (P) to Dean (SS) Chicago (NL) 8/13/69


Opponent Year
Triple Plays against the Padres
at San Francisco 5/30/08
at St. Louis 5/5/05
at Atlanta 5/6/04
New York (NL) 5/17/02
Cincinnati 7/17/95
St. Louis 9/5/91
at Philadelphia 4/28/91
Atlanta 6/5/86
at Pittsburgh (Game 2) 8/23/82
at San Francisco 10/3/80
San Francisco 6/21/76
at Montreal 6/13/73