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Membership FAQ's

How is Membership different than my season tickets?

The San Diego Padres Baseball Club Membership program consists of customized year-round benefits, events, and discounts that have been designed specifically for you. The core Membership benefits will include your season seats and ticket benefits (i.e. Ticket Exchange Policy, Unused Ticket Night, etc.) that you have grown accustomed to. However, Membership is much more than just your season tickets and we want to recognize you as more than a season ticket holder but as a Member of the Padres Team.

Are some Membership types more expensive than others?

The cost of your Membership is dictated by your seat location and Membership tier (blue, gold, or Platinum).

I just renewed, when will my Membership be effective?

Your membership is effective from January 1, 2015 - December 31, 2015 as long as your account remains in good standing.

How long is my 2015 Membership valid for?

Your 2015 Membership will be valid from January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015.

How many Membership Cards will I receive?

You will receive one (1) Membership card for your account.

Can someone else use my Membership card?

Membership cards are non-transferable. This means that only the Member of record can use the Membership entitlements. A photo ID may be required in addition to your Membership card to gain entry to an event.

Will my ticket partners be able to receive their own card?

You can nominate a share partner through your Padres online account. Once your partner accepts the invitation and fills out their account information they will receive a card in the mail.

What Membership benefits will be available to my ticket partners?

Your ticket partners will receive a personalized Membership card that will allow them access to special discounts and offers from the San Diego Padres and our corporate partners. Partners will not be eligible for Membership events. However, if you wish to relinquish one or more of your Membership benefits they can be forwarded to one of your three authorized partners. A written request must be submitted to your Account Specialist no later than one (1) week prior to the event. Once reserved your partner must bring their Partner card to the event to gain entry.

Will I receive my Member card and tickets at the same time?

Yes, your Membership card will be included with your season ticket delivery.

When will I receive my Membership card?

You will receive your Membership card in March of 2015 if your account is in good standing. Please select your delivery choice (mail or Will Call) on your renewal invoice.

My circumstances have changed; can I change my Membership events?

If you are unable to make an event that you have selected please contact your account specialist. They will do their best to find another event that works for you.

Can I upgrade my Membership?

Yes, the Membership tiers are dictated by the season ticket plan that you have selected. You are able to upgrade your Membership by upgrading the number of games in your season ticket plan.

What do I do if my Membership card is lost or stolen?

If a Membership card is lost, the Member will be required to contact their Account Specialist to request a replacement card at a fee of $10 per card. In the instance of a stolen Membership card, the card will be replaced at no cost upon provision of a police report.

Does my Membership card guarantee admission for a game?

No, a valid game ticket is required to gain entry into Petco Park.

As a Member, will I retain my account longevity status and current account number?

By becoming a Member, you will retain your account longevity status and your Membership number.

How do I fix errors on my Membership card?

If your name is printed incorrectly on your Membership card please contact your Account Specialist immediately. A new card will be issued within fourteen (14) business days.

Will my Membership type be printed on my card?


How can I get more information about upcoming events?

Be sure to visit for all upcoming Membership events as well as event details and FAQs. You will also be notified of upcoming Membership events by email and/or mail. For further information feel free to contact your Account Specialist.

Will I be able to request or purchase more slots for events?

Unfortunately not. In order to provide you with meaningful and intimate events we must limit the total number of participants. Please refer to the event details on to see how many slots you are eligible for on each event.

For events do I have to RSVP or can I just show up with my Membership Card?

Most events will require an RSVP to secure your place at the event. Please refer to for more details and RSVP information for each of your upcoming events.

Does the Team Store merchandise discount work online?

Your merchandise discount is valid only at the Padres Majestic Team Store located at Petco Park. Your Membership card and accompanying photo ID are required to secure your Members discount.

Is there a limit to the amount of times we can use a "Members Only" offer from the Padres Partners?

There is a limit of one discount per transaction and your Member discount cannot be combined with any other offers, coupons, or discounts. From time to time you may be eligible for an exclusive offer from a Padres partner that is a single use coupon. Please refer to the terms of those specific offers for more details.