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Tentative Schedule

All dates, times and teams are tentative and subject to change. All times ET. Home games will be played at JetBlue Park at Fenway South in Lee County, FL.


February/March/April 2016
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Feb 29Boston College
Mar 1 2MIN 1:05pm 3MIN 4TB 1:05pm 5NYY
6BAL 1:05pm 7TB 1:05pm 8BAL 9PIT 10MIN 1:05pm 11TOR 12MIA 1:05pm
13TB (ss) 14PIT 1:05pm 15NYY 6:05pm 16MIN 17BAL (ss) 1:05pm 18
MIN 1:05pm
19STL 1:05pm
20NYM 21STL 22MIA 23 24NYM (ss) 1:05pm 25PIT 6:05pm 26BAL
27PHI 1:05pm 28BAL 1:05pm 29MIN (ss) 30PIT 31MIN Apr 1TOR** 7:00pm 2TOR** 1:00pm

(ss) - Split Squad

** Exhibition Games in Montreal

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